The Buttonwood Park Zoo is a small, seven-acre zoo in New Bedford, Massachusetts established in 1894. As an AZA accredited institution, the zoo contributes to research and conservation efforts on both local and national levels. In 2016, the zoo released a 15-year master plan to include a reconstruction of its entire campus. Much of the zoo's design is currently outdated and will be replaced under the new plan, including signage and displays. 
For this project, I envisioned a new series of ten species information signs using the zoo's color palette. The type is set in Bureau Eagle Book and Avenir Book. The sign prototypes were printed on 8.5"x11" paper and bound together as a field guide. The animal illustrations were printed separately, cut out, and glued so that they bled off the top of the page. The pages were then bound with linen thread and a wood cover. (2017)
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